The GMAT is the primary standardized test considered by B-Schools throughout the world in the admissions process.The exam is widely accepted for admissions at more than 5,000 programs and 2,000 schools globally, making it the most widely used assessment for business and management programs around the world. Offered throughout the year

3 hours and 30 minutes long

Comprised of four sections

Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) and Integrated Reasoning (IR)

The Quantitative and Verbal combined have a maximum score of 800 points; the Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning is graded on a 0-6 scale, in half point increments. . The grades of AWA and IR does not affect the GMAT score but at times might affect the admission to a particular college.

GMAT Structure

Test Section




Integrated Reasoning

Total Number of Questions





Types of Questions

Problem Solving
Data Sufficiency

Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction
Reading Comprehension

Analysis of Argument

Evaluate information
in multiple formats
from multiple sources

Time Allowed

75 minutes

75 minutes

30 minutes

30 minutes


Score Range

0 – 51

0 – 51

0 - 6

0 - 6


Score Distribution

10% get over 48

1% get over 44

Evenly split from 0-6


Approximate percentiles within the score range of 200-800. Percentiles may vary from year to year.

What we do

2-3 Month Course content + 1 Month Self Study

4-8 hours of classes per week

8-10 Full length Simulated Mock tests

OG + Practice Material + Timed Drills

GMAT Course Structure

Verbal Course Structure


Content Covered

Material Given

1. Sentence Correction 1

GMAT introduction
SC major errors basic intro

OG 12th Edition, Verbal manual, Math manual

2. Sentence Correction 2

SC strategies
Major errors practice from manual
Practice from OG

Send 1000 SC file

3. Sentence Correction 3

Minor errors intro
Minor error practice from manual
SC Review from OG


4. Critical Reasoning 1

CR Introduction/ Question Types
Practice from Manual

Worksheet CR 1 (Assumption and weaken)

5. Critical Reasoning 2       

Worksheet CR 2
Practice from OG

Worksheet CR 2

6. Sentence Correction Revisited

Timed drills on Sentence  Correction

SC Worksheet

7. AWA 1

Argument essay

Send Argument Essays to the trainer by email

8. Reading Comprehension 1

RC Intro

RC Worksheet

9. Reading Comprehension 2

Harder RC

Practice from Official Guide

10. Critical Reasoning Revisited

Timed drills on Critical reasoning


11. Verbal Wrap-up                            

Harder SC, harder CR & harder RC


Quantitative Course Structure

Class No.


Topic Covered

Details of topics covered



Introduction Diagnostic Test Feedback
Number systems

GMAT Introduction, POE and ball-parking tips.
Real Numbers, Rational/Irrational Numbers, Integers, Even/Odd, Prime Numbers, Multiplication Rules, Decimal, Data sufficiency basics.



Number Systems (Continued...)

LCM, GCD, factors, Multiple, Fractions (Equivalent/Reciprocal fractions), Advanced Data sufficiency.



Number Systems (Continued...)

Exponents (Base, Roots, Powers) Rules, Ratio, Proportions (Direct, Indirect)



Number Systems (Continued...)

Percent, Percent Change, Simple and Compound Interest, Average, Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion (Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation)



Number Systems (Continued...)

Average and Relative Speed, Work, Age, Mixture
Test Arithmetic + Analysis (1-to-1)



Solving Linear Equations with one and two
variable, Solving Quadratic Equations,
Simultaneous Equations, Ordered Pairs,
Integral Solutions,




Inequalities, Functions, Worded Problems

Test (Algebra) + Analysis (1-to-1)



Lines, Parallel Lines, Intersecting Lines, Angles,
Polygon, Triangle (Equilateral, Isosceles, scalene,
right triangle, Pythagoras theorem, area,
perimeter, similar triangles

Quadrilateral, rectangle, parallelogram, square,
trapezoid, circle (area, circumference, arc, sector)




Overlapping regions, shaded regions, inscribed and circumscribed figures, 3D figures

Test (Geometry) + Analysis (1-to-1)



Discrete probability, independent and mutually
exclusive events




Principles of counting, permutation, combination, grouped and circular arrangement


Integrated Reasoning Course Structure


Content Covered

Material Given

Integrated Reasoning 1

Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis

Worksheet IR 1

Integrated Reasoning 2

Table Analysis, Multi-Source Reasoning

Worksheet IR 2


Test (overall) + Analysis (1-to-1)

Actual CAT Test


GMAT is different

The GMAT is an entrance exam, not an exit exam. The GMAT does not test “what you know”; rather, it tests “how you think”. You cannot study for the GMAT by investing time in learning the background study material. The learning process for studying for the GMAT is, therefore, different.

Roads is different

At Roads, we not only teach you the necessary formulae, rules, tricks, tips, and short-cuts, we also work on your reading, reasoning and logical decision-making skills. By the end of your studies, we are sure you will start thinking like the test-maker and be well on your way to maximizing your innate abilities on the GMAT.

Our approach leads to high scores

Keep in mind the GMAT is still a standardized test with a standardized set of questions. We will teach you all the tricks and traps, formulae, shortcuts as well as the obscure concepts to do your best. Furthermore, throughout your training, you will be required to sit through mock exams under strict examination conditions. This also aids you in the process of adjusting to the pressure of the “real thing” when the time comes. With an inside perspective into the test problems and the time pressures, you will be able to perform to your full potential.


Roads provides premium test preparation and academic tutoring services, delivered by some of the best tutors to help students maximize their test scores and admissions potential for top B-Schools. We first assess the strengths and weaknesses of our students through our post enrolment Diagnostic Test for a customized study plan and effective usage of study time based on the student’s specific academic profile.

Based on our assessment, we emphasize our focus on the candidate’s weak areas by meticulously monitoring and continuously fine-tuning each student’s tutoring program. We also provide thoroughly researched and customized study materials with strategies and practice drills. Additionally, students are required to sit through 12 compulsory full length GMAT Mock Tests. In addition, they also have the option of sitting through an additional 12 full length Mock Tests.

We follow the Socratic teaching methodology using interactive classroom sessions on Multimedia platforms. Our emphasis lies on the highest yield content that shows up most frequently on test day. Furthermore we do not impose time constraints allowing you to improve on your problem areas.

Finally, we provide our students with a last-minute orientation and stress-buster session before their GMAT exam, thus ensuring that each student is able to perform to his or her full potential on test day.


Our team consists of high-performing dedicated individuals from the leading universities of the US and the UK, who are committed to excellence and an outstanding quality of work. They enable our students to choose the right path and guide them in their endeavours to achieve success.

All our instructors must have prior teaching experience in order to be considered and undergo a rigorous auditioning process to be extended an offer. Additionally in order to attract and retain the best teachers, we pay them some of the highest salaries in the industry.

What this means for you - At Roads, we don’t just teach our students, we strive to educate them. We believe Roads is the destination for SUCCESS.

GMAT Top Scores

1.   Udit
2.    Kiran
3.    Kushal
4.    Rohan
5.    Prachi
6.    Aman
7.    Sanchit
8.    Aditya
9.    Siddharth
10. Megha


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The tutoring at Roads is truly first class. Moreover, they have taken a really novel approach to GMAT coaching which absolutely paid dividends for me.

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