About Us

Roads is a destination for all students who seek to study abroad and desire a high quality education. We have a learning environment that is unique, innovative and progressive. We aim to harness cutting edge technology to help students achieve their goals and targets.

Our Vision

We envision Roads as a one-stop study abroad destination for students across all fields of education. Here, they will realize their potential, fulfill their ambitions and participate in their own overall development, through ever-evolving education tools facilitated by a high performing and dedicated team of experts.

Our Mission

Our mission, at Roads, is to broaden the horizon of all students by providing them with education of the highest standards and catering to their ever-changing needs. As mentor, teacher and friend, Roads wishes to be a name that is recognized for its performance, quality and excellence. Our primary objective lies in the complete and holistic development of each student.

What We Do


  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Test Prep Customization
  • Study Materials and Mock Tests
  • Constant Communication
  • Long-Term Guidance

Our team of head mentors comprises

Our team consists of high-performing dedicated individuals from the leading universities of the US and the UK, who are committed to excellence and an outstanding quality of work. They enable our students to choose the right path and guide them in their endeavours to achieve success

All our instructors must have prior teaching experience in order to be considered and undergo a rigorous auditioning process to be extended an offer. Additionally in order to attract and retain the best teachers, we pay them some of the highest salaries in the industry.

What this means for you - At Roads, we don't just teach our students, we strive to educate them. We believe Roads is the destination for SUCCESS.

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The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth.

- SAT 2000
- University of Bryn Mawr – 2010.